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No garden is “too small”….

No garden is “too small”……

One of the most frequently asked questions I have been receiving from potential new clients lately is whether their garden is “too small” a project for me to take on. Never! I love designing small gardens and courtyards, as they can be just as stimulating and challenging as larger spaces to work with, with quite different parameters to be considered. Here are some photos of a couple of Sydney gardens that have been recently completed, or nearly so. Including lovely stone work by Pettet Landscapes.

Front entry area with new driveway, steps, paving, walls, deck – all built and ready for planting. 

 Small backyard with terraced stone wall vegetable garden and non-invasive bamboo for screening neighbours out.


Setting out plants in Vaucluse

This has to be one of the best things about my job, the day that all the plants arrive on the truck and I get to set them out exactly where I want them.

some lovely big Zamia furfuracea for the back yard

All the planning and hard work starts to come together in a very real way when the plants go in the ground.  The boys from Mahony Landscapes doing a great job – by the weekend this will look like a real garden with mulch and turf and lights and clean paving – and the clients move in next week!